Ok, so The Devil's Possession isn't scheduled for release until next year, but I've already been asked where I get my ideas from friends and family who don't really understand the mind of a writer. I envy them. It's sometimes a very scary thing, our minds.

Anyway, The Devil's Possession came about because of one simple sentence. "It took 97 lashes to bring the first cry of pain from Draven Cameron."

Now, I hardly ever sit down with a burning idea in my mind. It happens occassionally, but most of the time, I just sit down and start writing and see where it takes me. That's what happened with TDP. That one sentence sort of wrote itself and it intrigued me, eventually becoming the opening sentence of the book. I instantly wanted to know who Draven was, why he was being whipped. I wrote on, discovered he wanted to die, then HAD to figure out what would make a man want to be killed so brutally. What did he do to deserve it? Why are they calling him evil?

So that's how it started. I wrote the first scene completely free of plot. Once I had those questions planted in my mind, I worked more on figuring out the whys and hows. It must have worked because it was my first sale.

You can read the excerpt of TDP here.
THE DEVIL'S POSSESSION will be released August 2007, by Berkley Sensation.
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