Susan Kearney - THE QUEST

When I wrote THE QUEST, I knew I wanted Kirek for the hero. I'd introduced him in THE CHALLENGE as a baby with extraordinary mental powers. In THE DARE readers saw Kirek as a 4-year-old Oracle. And in THE ULTIMATUM, Kirek served as a sex slave, not an easy task for a Rystani Warrior. So THE QUEST would be Kirek's story and for this wonderfully complex character, I needed two things---a plot that would do him justice and a woman who might not.
Kirek's mission-- to destroy the Federation's deadliest enemies---makes him question his moral and ethical values. He's a warrior who believes in peace, a warrior who doesn't like to kill. A warrior who must defeat the Federation's greatest enemy or billions will die.And oh does he need help. Captain Angel Taylor's going after the biggest salvage haul of her career. Fiercely independent, she joins up with Kirek, but she has her own plans---and they don't include him.
However, Kirek has a way of getting to a woman. Together Angel and Kirek cross the galaxy and you can join them on THE QUEST by watching their booktrailer at www.susankearney.com . I decided to try a booktrailer so readers would get a visual synopsis of the book and I was so pleased at the way this turned out. The spaceships is cool, the hero is yummy and after watching the booktrailer for just thirty seconds readers can get a feel for the book. Instead of reading about the story, you can see it.My publisher Tor came up with a fabulous cover and I'm so excited about this book. And even if you've never read a Susan Kearney book, you can start with THE QUEST and feel like part of the crew. As a kid I read Heinlein and Clark and I dreamed of what it would be like to actually go into space, visit other planets and see other cultures. And now I can do that---in my imagination. And I'm inviting you to come along with me on THE QUEST where the men are bold and the women more than hold their own.
After reading my books, readers frequently ask me how I thought up the "suit," which is technology left by an ancient race that allows my characters to go into space or underwater without special equipment. The suit is run by psi power and it clothes, washes and keeps out viruses and bacteria as well as translates language. Why did I create the suit? It started because I really don't like to describe clothing and it just evolved into part of my Universe.I often wish I had a suit of my own. And several readers have written to ask me where they could buy one. Sorry. So far the suit is strictly from my imagination. However if you read THE QUEST, you too can imagine having one of your own. But even better you can have my best hero yet. Kirek is fun-loving and has a genius IQ and of course he has a Warrior's body, too.
If you'd like to meet him, please go to www.susankearney.com or pick up Susan Kearney's THE QUEST