Karen Fenech

A secret. A man she betrayed but has never stopped loving. An enemy who wants them dead.

That's the premise for BETRAYAL. The idea sprang from a situation I’d heard of. A bride-to-be called off her wedding just days before when her future husband confessed something he'd been keeping from her.

How sad, I remember thinking. Here this woman was, all set to start a new life with the man she loves and then finds out it just isn't going to happen. I never learned what the something he'd confessed was, but that event got me thinking about keeping secrets.

Most people, I think, who have a secret they don't want their significant other to know about keep quiet to hang onto the one they love.

I mulled that over. What if a woman had a secret? And . . what if keeping her secret would have the opposite result to what I just described. What if keeping her secret meant she would lose the man she loves?

I tried that again. Keeping, not revealing her secret would cost her the man she loves. . .

That concept stayed with me. I became so intrigued by it that I knew I'd just found the next story I was going to write.

That one idea became two, thank goodness : -) and each idea sparked another. On and on until I typed "The End". I've found it isn't just one idea that's needed to write a book. It takes one to get started, and many more to finish.

I had a lot of fun writing BETRAYAL. I hope you'll want to read it.


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