Lucy Monroe - The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain

So, you want how I got my idea for The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain?

Okay...here goes...

The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain is the third in a trilogy of books I pitched to Harlequin the first year I sold to Presents. Initially, the senior editor said, "No thanks. We like to have our series done by more established authors." I had tons of ideas careening inside my head, so it wasn't hard to choose another one to pitch and sell to them, but I was really happy when they finally said yes to the trilogy. So, in my mind all three books were always part of the same idea...three brothers who believed that the men in their family were destined to love only once. Each man was impacted differently by this belief and managed to mess up with his true love because of it.

In Claudio's case, I knew I wanted to write a marriage in jeopardy story. He was the oldest and the most "alpha" if you will. I could see so much about him before the story was fully formed. I really knew this guy. Therese only came to me as I started looking for his mate. But then as I began to write this story, Therese's past and present began to impact me even more than Claudio. She was so wounded and tortured. He had a lot of learning to do, but he could only do it through her pain which became his own. Because he's that kind of man. His own perso
nal pain wouldn't be as impacting for him as someone else's. It was a really challenging book to write as the idea morphed and became bigger than my first vision (which pretty much always happens).

I'm not sure if I've answered the question where I got the idea/inspiration for this story so much as how it came to be, but for me...they are one in the same.

Hugs, Lucy
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