Baptism in Fire - Elizabeth Sinclair

Okay, I confess . . . I was the little kid waving the flag and shouting at the firemen as they pranced by at every Memorial Day parade. But I had good reason. My dad, brothers and grandfather were among those brave men who walked into the face of danger at every fire, and I thought of them as my own personal heroes. I wanted to be one of them when I grew up.

Back then, a female firefighter was about as impossible as putting a man on the moon. But then, eventually, both came to be not only possible, but also accepted. However, by that time, I had come to my senses and realized that becoming a fireman was more than getting to ride on those snazzy red trucks and play with the Dalmatian mascot. It was a dangerous, sometimes fatal job.

Yup, I'm a coward, but I have the utmost respect for those who are not. So instead of becoming a fireman myself, I chose to write about them in the person of my heroine, Rachel Sutherland, and her friend, Samantha Ellis. So, F.I.S.T. (Fire Investigation Special Team) was born and out of that came my August Silhouette Intimate Moments, BAPTISM IN FIRE.

I have to also confess that going into writing this book, I thought I knew about firemen, but I had no idea how much I didn't know. Thanks to some wonderful firefighters who generously gave of their expertise, I learned intricacies such as referring to the platform on a tower truck as a "cherry picker" is NOT cool or that cleaning a fireman's helmet is an insult that relegates him to greenhorn status.

In fact, I learned so much, that I have more than enough for more F.I.S.T. books. So, keep an eye out for more flames, more action and more very brave women who fight the blaze and risk their lives for all of us every day.
(Also out from Elizabeth this month - Eye of the Dream)