Candace Havens- Charmed & Ready

In “Charmed & Ready,” Bronwyn, a powerful witch, is talked into protecting one of the world’s most famous rock stars, Zane. He’s an associate of the Prime Minister and she soon discovers that someone working bad voodoo is after him.

I never can remember where the germ of an idea comes from for a book, but I do remember thinking I wanted Bron to visit her demon-slaying friend Simone for some quality girl-time. I actually sat down one day and wrote the prologue, which is the witch and Simone trapped in a dungeon snapping back and forth about Bron’s “vacation.” That set the tone for the whole

Zane was someone I had in my head after writing some feature stories about musicians. He is based on two very popular rock stars, but I’ll never say who they are. I knew I wanted him to be involved with Bron and Simone somehow, and that’s sort of how the main story line for the book came together.

Of course, Zane and Bron’s relationship creates trouble with the love of her life, Dr. Sam. And while I probably shouldn’t share this, that whole thing was based on a series of unfortunate events from my own life, though greatly exaggerated in the book. It was my way of saying never judge, because of circumstantial evidence.

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