The Bargain - Julia Templeton

The idea for my erotic historical romance THE BARGAIN came about after visiting a medieval castle in England. I walked up the steep tower steps, touching the dark stone as I went, all the while envisioning the men, women and children who had walked those same steps before me. When I finally reached the ramparts, I stood looking out at the rolling hills and lush meadows that seemed untouched by time and wondered again at the people who had lived there all those years ago.

I could imagine the day-to-day existence of these people. The servants bustling about, the soldiers hard at practice, the women watching from above or perhaps from windows of these huge fortresses. And what must it have been like to stand on the ramparts, looking out at an enemy, knowing at any moment your life could be over?

That is exactly where THE BARGAIN begins. Aleysia Cawdor is a young Saxon princess who has lost much to war. She is standing on the ramparts of Braemere Castle, looking out at the black sky, compliments of the Norman army that has burned much of Northern England to the ground in order to stop the Saxon rebellion. She knows Renaud de Wulf, King William’s merciless knight is on his way to Braemere. Without a moment to lose, she says goodbye to Braemere, when the horn of de Wulf sounds.

Adelstan is caught by de Wulf’s men and imprisoned. Though Aleysia is terrified, she begs Renaud to spare her brother. When he refuses she offers him a bargain—her body for her brother’s life. To her surprise, the love-starved knight agrees. Aleysia finds herself in hot water more than once in her quest to free her brother from his tower prison…and to free herself from the hold Renaud has over her in the bedroom. She enjoys the moments they spend together, especially the fire he ignites in her body, and yet she cannot give him her heart when her brother’s life hangs in the balance.

Although the story deals with the realities of war, there is also a lot of humor to be had, and I especially enjoyed exploring a secondary love affair that features an older woman and a younger man.

So there you have it. The inspiration that led to THE BARGAIN! I suggest any history lover make the trip to England (or Scotland) at least once. You’ll never regret it. Until then, you could always visit medieval England by reading THE BARGAIN.

Warm wishes,