Unleashed Anthology - BOND OF SILVER

By Rebecca York

"Bond of Silver" is my novella in this anthology. Sue Kearney and I wanted to do an anthology featuring heroes with super powers. We explored a number of ideas and finally came up with the idea of New Atlantis–an island in the Caribbean. It was settled by the people of Atlantis who fled their original home when they were persecuted because of their paranormal powers. They hide their new home with a force field generated by the minds of their inhabitants. Since there are not enough of them to keep the shield active, they send out their young people–first in a dream and then in real life–to bring back a mate with latent paranormal powers who can help them keep the island hidden.My hero, Alexander, is an expert in telekinesis. But that’s not going to save him from the problems he encounters when he meets Claire and finds out she’s the daughter of a bitter woman who refused to return to New Atlantis with her lover.But Alexander gets to use his telekinesis to save Claire’s life–and also to make love to her. And there’s a nice surprise for the two of them at the end of the story.

Rebecca York