Sophie Jordan on TOO WICKED TO TAME

Several things inspired my writing of TOO WICKED TO TAME. For one thing, I was determined to write a story about Portia, a secondary character in my debut novel, ONCE UPON A WEDDING NIGHT. I just needed to come up with a story that “fit” the precocious, young girl from ONCE UPON WEDDING NIGHT. She had a lot of things going for her that marked her as a “star” leading lady – she’s a bluestocking, outspoken and independent with goals of her own that have nothing to do with marriage. Only seventeen in ONCE UPON A WEDDING NIGHT, I had to give her a few years to grow up, but at twenty-two, she meets her match in TOO WICKED TO TAME.

Other influences on TOO WICKED TO TAME include the works of the Bronte sisters. Gotta love those sweeping love stories full of such dark, raging emotions! Ah, the sweet agony! Call me a Bronte girl, because I’m definitely the kind of writer that prefers making readers cry rather than laugh.

The Bronte sisters wrote novels set in Yorkshire. The wild Yorkshire moors of JANE EYRE and WUTHERING HEIGHTS whisper to my romantic soul to this day. Can there be any better backdrop for a tumultuous love story? I had a great deal of fun researching Yorkshire and hope I managed to convey some of that exotic setting in TOO WICKED TO TAME.

JANE EYRE is my favorite work of the Bronte sisters. And I think readers might see some of it echoed in TOO WICKED TO TAME. Yes, there’s a curse of madness and a dark, brooding hero … and my heroine, like Jane Eyre, is no traditional beauty. She definitely invades both the hero’s desolate Yorkshire estate as well as his peace of mind with her arrival.

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