Secrets Vol 18 - PT 2:Flesh To Fantasy by Larissa Ione

“Never Do Anything You Wouldn’t Want To Explain To The Paramedics…”

When I first sat down and thought about the initial idea behind Flesh to Fantasy, a million things ran through my mind.

Like some of the crazy things paramedics have to deal with.

I’d always been fascinated by emergency medicine and the people who save lives, so much so that I became an EMT simply because I wanted to write my medical heroes accurately. But this particular tale became more than just a medical story. I had a hero who saved lives for terrible pay even though he didn’t need the money, because let’s face it, anyone who does the job is NOT doing it for the pay. It takes a special kind of person to expose themselves to danger, abuse, and infectious disease for little return.

So what I needed was a heroine who couldn’t grasp the idea of exposing herself to such misery. And I wanted her to be as opposite as the hero as possible.

All I had to think about was how I sometimes feel.

There are times when I want to escape from the real world. When I can’t stand to turn on the TV and see images of war, drive-by shootings, cruelty to animals. I don’t want to go outside for fear that I’ll see a car accident, a car-struck animal on the side of the road. I don’t want to see the elderly man trip and fall at the curb by the grocery store. I just want to lock myself away and pretend that nothing exists.

And so Kelsa was born.

Kelsa grew up in isolation, in a cult so far removed from reality that she’s never truly known what the real world is all about. Nor does she want to. She sits inside her apartment and tests video games for a living (RPG games, which just happen to be my passion!)

So basically, I took a man whose life is grounded in the real world, a place where, in his past, fun got him into trouble so he avoids too much fantasy, and a woman who can’t handle anything but fantasy, and threw them together to see what would happen.

What about you? Do you ever allow completely shut yourself away from reality, even for just a couple of days in order to get away from the real world? Or are you more comfortable in the real world where you feel like you aren’t wasting your life away?

I know I can spend DAYS playing video games, reading, or watching movies…what about you?