Date bait has been the subject of hot debate lately in the online dating world. It’s also Lucy Ladelle’s latest chosen profession in my newest comedic women’s fiction novel, The Quest for the Holy Veil. Lucy’s been hired by a matchmaking service to act as a perfect date to lure men into signing up for this high-priced service. But on her first official date, she’s caught "on tape" by a new reality TV show that has set up a sting operation to expose this questionable practice. Unfortunately, the one drop-dead, hunk of he-man that Lucy lusts after turns out to be producer of the dang show ("I don’t care how gorgeous Lance Booker is! The guy’s evil! No matter how much I want him."). Talk about your love-hate relationship.

Lucy has her reasons for getting herself into this mess. Despite this, she must take steps to clean up her act if she’s to ever to make it to the Broadway stage. She also finds herself embarking on new adventures and working for a larger-than-life woman only known as Queendah. All the while, Lucy must deal with her mixed-up feelings for Lance-the-Safari Guy who insists on ‘tracking" her like an animal for the TV show. ("Must he ‘track’ me all the time? He can’t just call 411? And tacking a "love note" to my front door with a blow dart is the last straw!")

Despite all this, one thing’s for sure. Lucy must learn the lesson that you’ve got to let go of past regrets before you can move onto your future success.

The release date for The Quest for the Holy Veil is March 6. Feel free to visit my web site at www.kimberlyllewellyn.com.