The Perils of Pursuing a Prince

People often ask me where I come up with the ideas for my books, but it is a big mystery to me. There is no conscious forming of an idea—they just come to me. Some come from reading or watching movies. Some come from nothing more than seeing someone walk down a street. Sometimes, on the treadmill, because I despise exercise, and I have to think of something to make myself do it, I play a “what if” game. For example, what if I had a character—a man—who hadn’t had sex in six years? Why would that be? And how would he remedy the situation without being a total dog about it?

Okay, I don’t actually have a character like that, but it’s sort of fun to ponder.

I am not exactly sure how I came up with the prince in the Perils of Pursuing a Prince. I already had Greer Fairchild, the heroine, as she had appeared in the first book of the Desperate Debutante series, The Hazards of Hunting a Duke. I already knew that she was going to go in search of an inheritance she might have—might being the operative word—but that was it, all of the idea for this book that I had.

And one day I saw a picture of a remote castle somewhere in Wales. It looked gloomy and wet and cold, and I instantly thought Greer needed to go to that castle—it just seemed fitting somehow for a woman to go off on some rabbit hunt and end up there.

Once I decided on the gloomy castle, the prince of Powys leapt into being. The ideas started to flow—who better to occupy that castle than a dark and brooding man with secrets? I hadn’t done a hero like him in ages, not since The Dangerous Gentleman way back in 2000. I thought of a million things I could do with him, too. Doesn’t it seem like dark and brooding men make the best lovers? And if they fell in love, who would know it? Certainly not a bright and determined heroine who thinks the dark and brooding guy is some kind of ogre.

What if he held her prisoner, too? She’d be worried about him taking advantage of her…or maybe even hoping for it, because he is kind of sexy in a brooding way. And he would be worried about touching her and being too rough, because women are delicate little flowers and don’t need to be manhandled. Right?

Oh, so wrong. She isn’t delicate and he, well…he may be the brooding type, but he knows his way around a bedroom. This is how the Prince of Powys was born. A dark, brooding man who lives in solitude in a huge castle on a crag, away from society, away from delicate flowers. And when Greer Fairchild enters his life unexpectedly, the prince is smitten. His gruff, distant, and rough exterior begins to erode with his uncharacteristic feelings and desires—and he becomes the perfect foil to my heroine.

And oh yeah…he becomes an expert lover, too.
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Julia London