Curveball - Kate Angell

Writing relaxes me. I can live through a day when most everything goes wrong, yet when I sit before my computer and escape into my characters’ lives, all is right with the world once again.

I love sports, especially baseball. I’m not athletic, but I make a terrific fan. There are no athletes as sexy as the Boys of Summer. I was fortunate my editor, Alicia Condon, allowed me to create the Richmond Rogues, a champion caliber team, where the members play as hard on the field as they do off.

In the earliest creation of any book, the characters must walk into my life and demand their story. I like them that visible. I often don’t have a plot in mind when I sit down to write. I do, however, know my characters inside and out. They are fully fleshed out in my mind, all flawed and conflicted and ready for me to fix them.

CURVEBALL combines three romances. Readers will meet the Bat Pack - Cody ‘Psycho’ McMillan, Jesse ‘Romeo’ Bellisaro, and Chase ‘Chaser’ Tallan – three major league power hitters.

On defense, Psycho plays right field. He’s loosely modeled after Johnny Damon of the New York Yankees. Damon plays all-out, all the time. He’s hit the outfield wall so many times, his teammates drew a chalk outline on the wall, similar to the ones drawn around a dead body.

That’s how I envisioned Psycho, a dedicated wild man who could jump like a super hero and snatch a fly ball from a greedy fan’s hands.

Then there's Romeo Bellisaro, the sexiest man in Major League Baseball. He can charm the Hanky Panky panties off any woman. Until he meets Emerson Kent, a Sports reporter for the Virginia Banner. Romeo accidentally roughs her up during a team brawl, only to have this sassy and intelligent woman bring him to his knees.

Chaser Tallan’s neighbor, Jen Reid, has been his best friend from playpens to the big league. Not until he accidentally kisses her does he realize he wants this woman in his bed for the rest of his life.

I hope you enjoy the Bat Pack. CURVEBALL was a fun book to write. I’m certain that Psycho, Romeo, and Chaser will make cameo appearances in the remaining books in this series.

Happy summer! Happy reading!
Kate Angell