American Diva: Celebrity Tabloid Without the Guilt

American Diva is the third and final book in my Thrillseekers Anonymous series that centered around the star-studded entertainment industry in Hollywood. I guess that sort of outs me: I am a celebrity news junkie. Want to know the latest on Lindsey Lohan? Call me. Ever wonder if Britney has lost her mind? I can run it all down for you.

You are probably thinking that’s kind of weird, and you are right. I didn’t think women got to be my age and still read all that stuff. But I can’t help it! When I am standing in the check out line, and I see Brangelina on the cover of OK! Magazine, I want to know if it’s true they are splitting up. When I see Lindsey’s mug shot, I think, that poor girl—did she have a mother? When they tease me with a picture of Nicole Ritchie and ask, PREGNANT?, how can I not look? It’s the tabloids’ fault—they lure me in with pictures and sensational headlines.

The idea behind American Diva didn’t come from tabloids, but it did come from watching American Idol. I downloaded a Kelly Clarkson song and thought how wild that must have been for her to go from waiting tables in Burleson, Texas to superstardom seemingly overnight. It gave me the idea to write a book about a woman from Texas who seems to hit it big overnight, and all the trappings of fame that go along with it. Friends who prove to be treacherous and sell her out to tabloids, a family who is trying to suck her dry, and a stalker who has threatened to see her dead. That sort of crowd could make the best of us a diva. And of course, there is only one guy who can see through her diva act and knows she really needs a friend. It helps that he’s a hunk, too.

The best part of writing American Diva is that I got to buy OK! magazine, and STAR, and all the rest of them for legitimate research. The book is sprinkled with tabloid bits about Audrey. I couldn’t have done it without the help of real tabloids, could I?

I hope you enjoy American Diva as much as I enjoyed writing it!