Psychic Witches with Attitude SPELL Identical-Triplet Trouble . . .

As a Historical writer, I swore I’d never write a contemporary, but a shop in Salem Massachusetts called The Kitchen Witch changed all that. Magic or destiny, my bewitching romantic comedies became my first National Bestsellers. As Janet Mullany said in her delightful blog, the cosmic joke was on me.

SEX AND THE PSYCHIC WITCH is my fourth contemporary comedy, and the first in my Triplet Witch Trilogy. It hit the B & N Mass Market Romance Bestseller List the week before it came out and now ranks at #12, not to mention #13 at Borders and #21 on BookScan. With four back to back deadlines ahead, and a request for a new trilogy idea, I guess my contemporary comedies are here to stay.

I didn’t go into The Kitchen Witch shop, I saw it across the cobblestone mall, and Melody Seabright’s story was born. She loves of vintage clothes, because that’s what I know, so I gave her a friend who owns The Immortal Classic Vintage Clothing and Curio Shop, and a friend who was a witch. Thank goodness, since they each got their own stories. Talk about an idea that mushroomed.

The triplets, Harmony, Destiny and Storm, were easy to cast. I couldn’t have a conversation with my identical-triplet neighbors—blonds in their late twenties—without mind-casting them in a series. They approved, shared humorous triplet stories, and I was off. Confession: I plot in my sleep. I dreamed the most amazing location, an island castle, between Salem and Marblehead Massachusetts, built by a sea captain in the late 1800’s. Old Nicodemus had an eye for the weird and incredible and filled his castle with all the treasures he brought home from all over the world. In the castle is also a shed with an old steam train that once connected their island to Marblehead. It’s among the most haunted of the goodies at the castle, which is why Diane Whiteside’s blog made me smile—we’re a family of train lovers. The castle dream was so real that it took me a whole day to write down every detail. I dreamed the ghost of the witch who haunted it, a late family member whose goal in life was causing strife, so she could referee. I named her Gussie.

My triplet witches are psychic. Hey, I watch TV. Harmony is psychometric, reads old objects, and brings peace wherever she goes. Harmony sees the past. Destiny sees the future, except her own. Storm, my rebellious Goth witch, sees and hears the present. Storm’s story, GONE WITH THE WITCH, is due out in May of ’08. She hears a baby crying when only when Aiden McCloud is near her but he won’t go with her to find the source, so she kidnaps him. Included in the kidnapping are his motor home and two pairs of fuzzy purple handcuffs.

Story ideas come during movies, TV, conversations, wherever there’s a lot of energy. I sit in a mall and people watch and get ideas. Objects inspire me; I love to go antiquing and come out with more in my head than in my hands. I go to cemeteries and read gravestones. I have two brilliant brainstorming buddies who help take my snippets and turn them like puzzle pieces into scenes or chapters or entire stories. Life is full of ideas. That’s why the Idea Boutique was born. Thank you, Heather, for inviting me.

Annette Blair