Carly Phillips

How do you judge book … by it’s title? By it’s cover? By it’s author? By it’s back cover copy? My books have run the gamut … fun covers (kisses like THE BACHELOR); cartoon covers (The HOT ZONE series); and now women on the cover of CROSS MY HEART and SEALED WITH A KISS. I admit when I saw my recent covers, I flipped. I love them. I think they’re gorgeous. Readers gave me the feeling they’d prefer men on the covers. This had me scratching my head because I remember the days when clinch covers made people cringe and hide books inside magazines. But it seems we’ve come full circle because covers seem to be returning to the hotter guys or couple covers. As a reader I am fine with this. As a writer I am too. I’m always curious how other people feel.

Back cover copy – I want the copy to tell me what’s in the book. I think the tone should reflect the tone of the book, so I know what I’m getting. As an author, I try to make sure to the extent that I can, that readers aren’t misled. So far, I think, so good.

Authors … There are certain authors I buy automatically. Others I’ll try based on word of mouth. I’m still trying to find ways of reaching new readers who haven’t heard of me yet. I’m always open to suggestions on how to do that. I was recently sent a photo of my cover on the Times Square JumboTron. So COOL! Makes me wonder if anyone saw it and said, “I have to go out and buy that book!”

Apparently enough people did buy because after I wrote this blog, I found out that SEALED WITH A KISS hit the New York Times Bestseller List for the week of October 14, 2007. Apparently people liked the women on the cover after all. So what do YOU think? What do YOU want to see on covers?