Sasha White - TROUBLE

“You’re the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasies.”

This is one line from Pat Benatar’s long ago hit HEARTBREAKER. I love it. It brings all sorts of story ideas to mind. And it completely sums up Valentine Ward, the hero in my latest release, TROUBLE.

Despite the very edgy cover, this book isn’t a BDSM book or even about fetishes. It’s all about fantasies, and living them out when you can.

The title of the book, TROUBLE describes our heroine Samair. She doesn’t really understand why or how she earned the nickname Trouble, but she’s decided she wants to live up to it. And when Val offers to make her fantasies come true, she see’s no reason not to take him up on it. Samair’s dream of being a lingerie designer came to me when I realized she was a bit overweight. And as someone who is overweight herself - I hate lingerie shopping. I wish I could sew my own. So, I made my heroine able to sew her own. Fun and sexy and lacey stuff that fit, looked good, and made her feel super sexy!

Check out this little bit at the start of the book. Samair, our heroine, has had a bad day,a dn decided it’s time to embrace her wild side, so she goes looking for her old college roommate and best friend. Joey is the friend, and she’s also a cage dancer at a nightclub. This bit is right after Samair does some dancing with her.

Samair lost track of time as they danced with abandon, bumping and grinding against each other, lost in the flashing lights and loud music. The heat of many eyes landed on her, and she enjoyed every minute of it. Joey’s soft and feminine hands floated over her generous curves, and Samair shifted closer as one of those hands slid under the cover of her hair. Joey put her forehead against Samair’s, and the women gazed into each other’s eyes.

“It’s been a long time, Sammie.” Joey’s breath floated over her lips.

“It has,” she replied, trailing her own hands teasingly over Joey’s bare back as she writhed against her. “I’m sorry.”

Both of Joey’s hands cupped her head and she spoke clearly. “You never need to apologize to me. I’m just happy to see you.”

Then she kissed her. A hard kiss on the lips that lingered for just a second.

When they pulled apart, it was to hoots of approval and raucous clapping.

“Welcome back, Trouble.”

They shifted apart, and Joey gave another piercing rebel yell. Samair’s grin was a mile wide as she slipped between the bars of the cage and dropped back to the carpeted floor that edged the dance floor. Her heart was pounding and her breath came in pants, but she couldn’t remember when she’d felt better.

Reaching between the bars she grabbed her backpack from the floor of the cage and snatched up the blouse she’d removed while dancing. After using it to pat her neck and upper chest dry, she reached for the drink she’d set aside earlier. The ice had melted, but it quenched her thirst well enough.

A bead of sweat trickled between her breasts and she thought about reaching down to wipe there, but reconsidered when she felt intent eyes still on her. She might not be shy, but she wasn’t tacky either.

“You’d think they’d never seen a woman in a camisole before,” she said when Joey dropped down to the floor beside her.

“It’s not that. My God, look around you. There’s more bare skin in Risqué than on the beach most of the time.” Joey laughed and threaded her arm around Samair’s. “It’s the fact that your camisole is this virginal white satin and lace thing that looks downright naughty at the same time. It’s one of yours, isn’t it?”
Samair nodded and felt a sting of pride. She’d made the top herself. Her passion for sewing, combined with her curvy and slightly disproportionate body, had her creating clothes, including lingerie, for herself that fit and looked good since she was sixteen.

“You don’t think it might be because you stripped me of my blouse, and then kissed me?”

“Ya think?” Joey giggled and steered her to a booth along the back wall where there was small group of people at a booth. “What can I say? I’m happy to see you.”

I have to admit that ALL of my heroines have something of me in them. It could be my past, my present, my hopes for the future, my fantasies…. But they all have something of me for sure. And the hero’s, they are all versions of my dream man. Basically my ideas jump from my muse to my fingertips, and TROUBLE was no different. I’m pretty sure my brain got involved somewhere along the way, but I’m not sure where. Honestly, I love the magic of not thinking, and just writing. It’s almost as good as reading a good book. I get lost in the story, and don’t want to stop.

And I dearly hope that happens when readers start one of my stories as well.
If you want to take a peek at TROUBLE, you can read the first three chapters on my website here: http://www.sashawhite.net/bookshelf/