Destiny's Warrior ~ Heather Waters

Ah, my turn at The Idea Boutique again. But honestly, the idea of Destiny's Warrior came to me more as an avalanche than the subtle little wave that brought me Devil's Possession.

Images of strange creatures, some I had to create identities for, some I had to research through mythology, popped into my head at the strangest times. They then had to be sorted into Dark or Light, depending on what side of my war they would fight.

Kingdoms of caves, islands, forests HAD to be written. The problem was, I'd never done anything so detailed before. So...MINE. And that's exactly what Destiny's Warrior is. MINE. At least, while I was writing it, that's how it felt. A fantasy story entwined with romance and adventure. A tale created almost singularly from my own head rather than from the bowels of research....

When a Scottish laird discovers he's the prince of a fae king, he must quickly come to believe in things he's always thought were nonsense. Total fish-out-of-water story that I hope you'll enjoy in time for the Christmas holidays!