Dakota Cassidy

The idea for my book The Accidental Werewolf came to me after I attended the RWA conference in Dallas in 2004. I was there meeting my agent for the first time face-to-face and it so happened that we were also sharing the hotel with a Mary Kay Cosmetics convention.

I spent some time talking to the women who were attending, and being a big fan of all things girly, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the colorful suits these women wore to indicate their levels of hierarchy in the company and the tiaras they donned for a big ball they were all attending. I’m an ex-small-time beauty queen, and I have to admit to a little tiara envy J

Almost two and a half years later I’d decided to take what I’d learned from that convention and turn it into a proposal. Now I write paranormal comedies, so it was only natural that when I decided to involve multi-level cosmetic sales in my book, I’d make up my own company and my own rules and really play up the sometimes over the top run to cosmetic greatness. Thus the fictional company Bobbie-Sue Cosemetics was created and my heroine Marty Andrews, a bit of a loner, rabid about her climb to makeup success, and an overall smart-mouth, who’s accidentally bitten by a werewolf, was born.

The Accidental Werewolf is a snarky, fun-filled romp and in part, an homage to all of us girly girls, and I so hope you’ll take a peek and come play in my zany werewolf world!